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Redesigning Apple Subscriptions Web Sign Up Flows

When users visit our web applications such as Apple TV, Apple Music, And Apple Podcasts there are many opportunities for them to sign up for free trials and subscriptions. We want these flows to be simple, intentional, and progress seamlessly enough to increase subscriber conversion and retention. We redesigned the sign up flow by updating our sign in screen to capture email upfront, reducing screens to simplify the information required from the user, and enhancing several micro interactions and transitions to get the user subscribed and back to enjoying the products they love efficiently.


  • The current subscription sign up flow on web requires too many steps for the user and results in a lot of drop off early in the flow.


  • Simplify the flows by eliminating or condensing unnecessary screens.

  • Improve subscription sign ups and retention.

  • Implement upfront email capture to determine if the user already has an existing Apple account or not

Target Users

  • Apple Subscription users

  • Android users

  • PC users

  • Chrome users (80%)

My role

  • Product Designer


Competitive Analysis

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 6.38.16 PM.png
We discovered that our current Sign Up screen had led to a 58% drop off within the flow, so we looked at what other products on the market are doing. We saw a commonality in several brands which was the use of an upfront email capture screen, as well as very minimal information being collected on the following screens. We decided that we needed to really trim down our sign up experience in order to get our users to the finish line.


Previous Sign Up Screen

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 6.30.11 PM.png

Updated Sign Up Screen

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 6.30.29 PM.png

One of the enhancements we made to the sign in and sign up screens across our web flows is to replace the current sign up and sign in buttons with an Apple ID field so that we can automatically route the user to the right experience based on if they have an existing account or not. This functionality will be carried over from Apple TV to Apple Music, Podcasts, etc.


End to End Flow

Apple TV - Sign In & Subscribe

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 7.31.42 PM.png

We made several adjustments to the flow such as removing the unneeded welcome screen, combining the sign in screen with the privacy copy, combining the payment/subscription details screens, and turning the final welcome screen into a micro interaction before we automatically route the user back to the service home.

Below you can see how we streamlined the flow and cut it almost in half. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 7.24.16 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 12.34.19 PM.png

While we saw less impactful results in terms of sign up conversion, we saw significant improvements in account creation success which increased from 42% to 77%. Following the results of the data, we are continuing to work on future enhancement and refinement to further improve our sign up and sign in flows on the web.

You can see these flows in act
ion at: (coming soon)


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