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It’s a match made in Heaven. FURever’s mission is to help our furry friends find forever homes.  It’s about matching owners with their perfect pets, and matching pets with their perfect owners.

App concept created during Startup Weekend Monterey Bay 2018.


  • 1.5 million animals are euthanized in shelters every year because they can’t find permanent homes.

  • There is uncertainty of what the pet adopter is like and if their lifestyle is a good fit for the pet.

  • 6.5 million animals are put up for adoption every year


  • Get more pets adopted into permanent homes

  • Lower euthanization rates

  • Find pets owners that are fit for the pets / vice versa

  • Get pets out of shelters


  • Pet lovers community

  • People looking to adopt a pet

  • People needing to put a pet up for adoption

  • Shelters looking to post adoptable pets


  • UI/UX Designer 

  • Concept Creator

How did we make this?

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • InvisionApp

Competitive Analysis

  • filter for pet

  • donate to save pets

  • sponsored by Purina & Petco

  • need to create an account to see search results/favorites

  • busy interface

  • pet matching algorithm

  • owner personality test

  • Pet Talk blog


  • product of PetSmart

  • search/filter for pet feature

  • online dating style interface

  • advanced search

  • 5,000 new animals added each day

  • pet profiles

  • friendly interface


  • dating app style interface (swipe/discard)

  • filter for pet

  • share the pet via social

  • send an inquiry directly from the pet profile

  • user has to log in with Facebook or Twitter to see favorited pets

What sets FURever apart from these other apps and sites?

Although our top competitors offer similar services to what we offer, what they all don​'t have that FURever has is the mutual matching between pet and owner. These apps tend to focus on specific qualities of the pets and letting the owner search for what they want, whereas FURever analyzes the personalities of both parties in order to ensure that the pet is not going to just anyone, they are going to their perfect owner with a similar personality and lifestyle.

Market Research

Stats from

Survey Results

Are you currently looking to acquire a pet?

Would you consider adoption?

Are there certain attributes you're looking for when searching for a pet?

Are you willing to pay for a service that matches you with your ideal pet?

If there was an emergency and you had to give up your pet, rank in order of importance (4 most important and 1 least important) the options which you would feel most comfortable with evaluating if a stranger is suitable to adopt your pet?


Looking to Adopt

  • Bio: Jenny is a 24 year old recent college grad living in LA who just got a full-time job and recently bought her first apartment. She loves to go to the beach and is often seeking new adventures.

  • Behaviors: 

    • lives alone

    • at work full time

    • active outside of work

    • cuddler

  • Goals: 

    • adopt a dog who she can share her adventures with.

    • willing to pay more to find a dog perfect for her.

  • Frustrations: 

    • apartment only allows dogs under 50 lbs.


Surrendering Pet

  • Bio: Harold is a 30 year old LA resident who recently adopted a dog, named Ravioli. He’s had his cat for 12 years and would never get rid of his cat. Ravioli does not get along well with his new cat and often causes major problems for him. He comes to the decision to find Ravioli a new home, but wants to make sure he’s giving him to a great owner first.

  • Behaviors: 

    • lives alone with a cat

    • at work part-time

    • can’t always watch his pets to make sure they’re not fighting

  • Goals: 

    • find Ravioli a permanent home

    • find Ravioli an owner that is perfect for him

  • Frustrations: 

    • new owner of Ravioli can’t have cats.


Shelter Posting Their Pets

  • Bio: Adopt Me Pet Shelter has recently been getting a drastically high number of pets coming in to be put up for adoption. They are unfortunately not a no-kill shelter, and many pets who don’t get adopted in time don’t make it out of the shelter. And because of their limited space, the animals have an even shorter amount of time to be adopted.  The shelter is looking for any new ways to get more animals adopted, but they don’t want their animals to go to just anyone.

  • Goals: 

    • lower euthanization rates as much as possible

    • gain more public awareness towards their adoptable animals

    • put their pets onto more adoption platforms

    • get the animals out of the shelter and into forever homes

  • Frustrations: 

    • pets come into the shelter faster than they get adopted


User Flow



Final Comps

See all screens in our Invision prototype


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